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Latest Map: v4.0

Language: English

Date Released: 9 PM EST, Jan 20, 2011
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Wc3 Custom Map Assassins

Welcome to the official Wc3 map Assassins website!

Here you can download the latest wc3 maps, read about the most recent changes in the map, view the spell and item listings, discuss strategy on the forum, and contact Baintastic for suggestions and bugs!

***ASSASSINS UPDATE*** Baintastic has launched the long awaited v4.0. Please enjoy and feel free to host it as we get the bots back up and running.

Assassins is a Warcraft 3 Custom Hero Arena map where players roam the map controlling a single Assassin, killing other players and neutral creeps. The objective of the game is to be the first to reach the kill limit.

There are 4 different game modes and 2 different camera modes.

Game Modes (player 1 only):

-dm XX - Deathmatch Mode with XX kill limit
-tm2 XX - 2 Team Deathmatch Mode with XX kill limit
-tm3 XX - 3 Team Deathmatch Mode with XX kill limit
-ctf XX - Capture the Flag with XX flag limit

Weather Modes (player 1 only):

-weatheron enables periodic random climate change that affects gameplay
     wind: a couple tornadoes will spawn, slowing nearby players
     rain: lightning will strike randomly and damage areas of the map
     snow: snowmen appear randomly on the map and block pathing
-weatheroff disables the weather

Camera Modes (player 1 only):

-fpoff - resets all camera views to the default bird's-eye
-fpon - changes all camera views back to the WoW-like first person

Commands (all players):

-ms - shows hero's selects a random hero
-exp - shows hero's experience gain rate


* 12 players with FFA, 6v6, and 4v4v4 gameplay
* Choose 1 of 20 different assassins, each with a unique ultimate ability
* Unique spell learning system where better abilities cost more
     Press Esc to bring up your spell books to purchase 6 of 32 different abilities
          - Book of Assailment: choose 2 of 10 different offensive abilities
          - Book of Deception: choose 2 of 11 different defensive/deceptive abilities
          - Book of Aegis: choose 2 of 11 different passive abilities
* All keyboard hotkeys correspond with their position on the screen
* AI allows for offline play
* Custom scorescreen at the end of the game - 25 different awards

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