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Assassins v4.0 Changelog:


     o Fixed Crypt Lord bug - sand trap removes all negative buffs so he can't die underground
     o Make teams split evenly automatically (ie. if -tm2 is selected and the last 4 slots are empty, mode is corrected to -tm3)
     o Noob leaving now removes all buffs from the hero so they won't die after they leave
     o Chameleon Spell:
           + Fixed bug where Assassin did not appear when creep died
           + Levels 4 and 5 don't crash the game anymore
     o Mountain Giants Unique can only be dealt by him now (dog or chameleon no longer triggers it)
     o In ctf, a team zone damage kill now says killed by "a team zone shield" instead of killed by ""
     o In ctf, if player leaves the game while holding the flag, the flag now drops



     + Increased the time it takes for the potion to heal (20 -> 30 seconds)
     + Ice Sapphire - reduced movement speed reduction to 30%
     + Hex: duration 2.4 -> 2
      + Forked Lightning: damage 240 -> 200
     + Storm Bolt: damage 350 -> 280, duration 1.5 -> 1.2
     + Deluge: range 1000 -> 600
     + Changed cost of Wards to 250 -> 200


     + Added a 4th book for Advanced Combat abilities:
          # Tetsubishi
          # Fireball
          # Magnetic Link
          # Repel
          # Nest of Bees
          # Tempest
          # Leap
          # Buckshot
          # Grenade
          # Unique Ability
     + Rewrote Tetsubishi more efficiently
     + Increased cooldown on Shuriken (6 -> 8), Kunai (8 -> 9), and Javelin (5 -> 7)
     + Added a 1 second cast time to Cicada
     + Added 1 to the ability points gained per level


     + Druid - Storm Crow Form: bonus vision 200 -> 0
     + Raider - Diabolic Leash: changed timeout between pull backs 3 -> 2 seconds
     + Improved Mountain Giant (base armor 0 -> 3)
     + Improved Lich slightly (base armor 0 -> 1)


     + Updated quest section
     + Removed damage floating text
     + Added game ending sound

Game Modes:

     + Changed the maximum CTF mode limit from 25 to 10
     + Changed default kills back to 20
     + New Game Mode: Hitman (-hm XX)
          # Each player is assigned a target (creating a circle of hitmen)
          # A hitman takes half damage from his target (as symbolized by a green life drain graphic)
          # Killing a target results in double points and gold and a new target: the target's target
          # Bonus gold and AP are awarded to the last hitman alive in a circle of hitmen
          # A second string of hitmen will be created as the hitmen from the original circle die
               * The last hitman that died becomes the target of the second-to-last one that died
               * The last hitman standing in the current circle becomes the missing link in the current string of hitmen which creates a new circle


     + Reduced the experience given from killing a hero to make creeping more worthwhile
     + Make Ability Shops appear as soon as you choose your hero
     + Reintroduced the double damage for last place, but now it doesn't start until 5 minutes in

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