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Latest Map: v4.0

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Date Released: 9 pm EST, Jan 20, 2011
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      The goal of Assassins is to reach the kill limit first.
You can access your spell books by pressing Esc.
To purchase spells, you need ability points; you get these by leveling.
And as usual, killing heroes and creeps gives you gold that you can spend at the shops.


The hotkeys in Assassins are very intuitive:
      the keys...
...correspond with the 12 buttons on the bottom-right of the screen in all cases. This makes the game easier to play.
This is recommended position for your fingers during combat:
+ pinky - [A]
+ ring - [Z][S]
+ middle - [X][D]
+ index - [C]

Spell types as they correspond to the hotkeys:
+ unique spell (ultimate) - [Z]
+ damaging spells - [X][S]
+ tricksy spells - [C][D]
+ passive spells - [V][F]


Host-only commands:
      -kills XX
           sets the kill limit to XX kills. defaults to 15 kills
      -zoomall 1/2/3
           zooms (and locks) all players' cameras in or out
General commands:
      -zoom 1/2/3
           zooms your camera in or out
           displays the movement speed of you hero currently

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