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25 Awards:

After each game of Assassins, players are given certain awards based on the performance of their gameplay. Here are the awards and their meanings.

Assassin - most kills and most damage given
Slayer - most kills (does not stack with Assassin)
Pacifist - least kills
Bruiser - most damage given (does not stack with Assassin)
Pansy - least damage given
Extinct - most deaths
Survivor - least deaths
Whipping Boy - most damage taken
Coward - least damage taken
Safer - most potions used
Minimalist - least potions used
Berserker - most attacks
Canada - least attacks
Warlock - most spells cast
Simple Jack - least spells cast
Button Masher - most orders given
Efficient - least orders given
Hoarder - most remaining gold
Squanderer - least remaining gold
Street Smart - most remaining ability points
Book Smart - least remaining ability points
Even Steven - same kills as deaths
First Blood - first to kill
Quitter - noob leaver (not eligible for other awards)
Awardless - no other awards

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